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My Name Is Welcome

If you scroll down they is a lot of videos here, enjoy...

This is a trailer showing what kind of work I do.

Crystal chandelier

Bling Bling chandelier 6 feet long

Trinity painted rugs

Here is another painted rug

Antique Chandelier

Here's a video on how to make Antique Mirror Chandeliers.

Fake I beams

This is all fake, very light, I beams installed over a bar.

1920's chandelier

Here is a 1920's art deco chandelier I made for a place in New Haven CT. check it out they is a good twist at the end.

Tawa star

This is a copper star inlay in a wood floor..

Secret door

Hidden dirty laundry.

Moving wall

this 2 walls had to go up and down to hide TVs,. with one wireless remote control.

Trumpet chandelier

This is a chandelier I made for a restaurant / jazz club in Harlem NYC. Enjoy

Painting rugs

This is a short video of Tara and I painting rugs on a concret floor at a Fairfeild CT restarant. this can be done a on hardwood floor too and it look real good on the wood..


Concrete counter tops

Here is what I know about making concret counter tops

Here is an example of some crazy stuff people ask me to do.
Playing around with my truck.

I know this is not a restaurant..but I thought it could show how I don't mind taking a challenge. I never really work on cars, just because I think auto mechanic bores me. But this is more like designing then auto mechanic.

This is part one of the 10 days of Jacque. Jacque is a french gastro pub in NYC where I had to demolish everything, re-design everything in 10 days. no plans , no always.


This is BARAWINE, NYC last project that I did with DMdesign. Custom made wall sconce, chandeliers, wall paper, wine celler, almost everything in there is custom made.. enjoy it.

This video will explain a little more about what I do and talk about a project I did in Montreal.
This is the opening nite of a restaurant I design and built in Montreal Quebec.
This is just me playing around doing special effect edits with Final cut Pro X.
In this video you will see me redesign and construction a recording studio for a post production Co. in NYC.
In this video I spared you from watching the boring prcess of bending oak and I am just showing you the instalation of 2 6 foot chandeliers we made for a reception hall.
This is a old compilation of work including faux brick ceiling, painted rug, and some metal chandeliers. Enjoy
WOW ! this is a old video... here how I coverd a old cement walk with more cement that i made look like stones.
I think this as to be one of the first video I made... i just put it on so I can remember my old CATERPILLAR.
Another old video showinf the use of floor grout on walls.... very good trick...check it out.
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    My Name Is Welcome
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